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Beautiful Butterflies are Back in White River Gardens
Immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies as these wonderful winged insects return to White River Gardens! Our spectacular seasonal exhibition, Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group, is now open. We’ve transformed the indoor gardens into a tropical paradise to bring you butterflies in a way that you’ll never forget! As you walk through the warm, aromatic indoor garden, 40 species of butterflies will flit nearby — and one might
even land on you! Each day, new butterflies, like the blue morpho, monarch and great owl butterflies, will be released from the chamber. Come during our daily releases to see these lovely creatures take their first flight! Learn about the amazing metamorphosis of these magical creatures — from egg to larva to pupa to butterfly. Feel the soft flutter of their wings as they float by on their way to take a drink of nectar from stunning glass feeders. Don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning colors and delicate details of these fascinating creatures! Plus the Hilbert Conservatory is the perfect place to escape and relax for an afternoon or even a few hours.

Basan Joins the New Team in Indianapolis
The New Team in Town just added a new player! Meet Basan, a 12-year-old male Sumatran orangutan who is one of the newest additions to the Indianapolis Zoo. He joins a group of seven other orangutans in the International Orangutan Center, which will open to the public in May 2014. This youngster arrived in Indianapolis on Oct. 10 from
the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas. Born Sept. 13, 2001, Basan is still a juvenile and currently weighs about 114 pounds. By comparison, the average weight for adult male orangutan is 200-250 pounds, so he still has some growing to do. Basan is a playful, young orangutan who loves hiding in barrels and wrapping up in blankets. He also enjoys playing with water and will take any available object and fill it up with water. Although he’s cautious when he meets a new person, Zookeepers say Basan is extremely sweet and eager to please them. Some of his favorite snacks are grapes, cherries and peanuts. Basan is one of two juvenile male orangutans, including Rocky, who call the new exhibit home. Although guests won’t be able to meet the orangutans until May, by taking the personality quiz, guests can find out which of the Zoo’s orangutan they are most like.